Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera review

I bought the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera second hand just days after it was released. I have a feeling there will be plenty of them to go around. This is a very special piece of gear and many people will be struggling with the caveats. It records ProRes and raw, has 13 stops of dynamic range and is extremely small and light.

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Metabones Speed Booster EF to E-Mount

The Metabones Speed Booster seemed like a thing too good to be true. But once in a while I guess such things do happen! I’ve just recently purchased the Sony FS-700 camera so I immeadiately ordered the Speed Booster when I heard about it. What it does it converts the Super 35mm to Full Frame field of view and while doing this also adds one stop of light to the lens!

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Cinelight Tungsten Fresnel lighting kit

I recently bought a Tungsten light set from Cinelight. A company in Romania that sells lot’s of different lighting equipment. I must say I was well pleased with the build quality. The lights are an obvious rip off of Arri lights, they look and feel exactly the same but cost about half as much. .

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My favourite albums of 2011

These are my most listened to albums released in 2011.


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Es and Haamuaudio mod a Memory Man with Hazarai

I’ve had the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai for couple of years now. I bought from Philadephia while on tour there with Kemialliset Ystävät. It’s the best loop pedal I’ve had so far. I’ve tested quite a few and this one definately suits my style of playing.


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The Emigrants and The New Land

A friend of mine recommended these movies to me some time ago but as they are both 3 hours long I saved them up and just watched them during the holidays. Both directed by Jan Troell whom I had never heard of before. His done quite a few movies and documentaries that are all unkown to me so I’ll have to check out a few to see how they hold up to these masterpieces.

My favourite apocalyptic movies

This is a rare one and quite hard to find. I’d never heard of it and was lucky to see it at a festival called Offscreen in Brussels, Belgium. One of the themes of the festival was apocalyptic movies. I saw about eight movies about the end of the world that week! My kinda fest! Threads was projected from an original 35mm print which added to the mood. It really takes you by surprise.

Panasonic GH1 user experiences

Since I graduated from school in 2005 I haven’t really been able to afford to shoot on film anymore. I made a big investment in 2008 and got a Sony EX1 and a Letus Extreme and a bunch of good Canon FD lenses. A year later I sold the EX1 and the Letus and got the Panasonic GH1. Here’s a little write-up on my impressions after half a year of use.

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The White Ribbon

Funny games has been on my most hated films list ever since I saw it. I’m not gonna go into it but I really disliked it at a very deep rooted level. Later I saw Pasolini’s Saló and I gotta say I liked that better but I wasn’t surprised to read a while ago that Saló is one of Michael Haneke’s favourite films. I think I saw Hidden as well but I’ve erased that from my mind completely…

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Scythes is basically a four channel tremolo. What makes it different from a tremolo is that each channel is independent. You can run a stereo audio through it and it will slice the audio. You can control all the intervals of audio and silence independent from each other…

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I Began doing this in 2001 summer. The idea is quite simple. There’s 40 strings attached to a turntable. The turntable spins and guitar microphones pick up the sound from the vibrating strings as they pass them.

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