Vimeo introduces Tip Jar

Vimeo has enabled a service for Plus and Pro account users called Tip Jar. Basically it enables donations for individual videos. People can tip the video any amount they wish as long as the user has enabled the option for his/her video.

Cinelight Tungsten Fresnel lighting kit

I recently bought a Tungsten light set from Cinelight. A company in Romania that sells lot's of different lighting equipment. I must say I was well pleased with the build quality. The lights are an obvious rip off of Arri lights, they look and feel exactly the same but cost about half as much. .
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SLR Magic m4/3 HyperPrime 12mm f1.6 lens

This is probably one of the fastest in its price range of wide-angle lenses you can get. It's a 12mm (equals 24mm on full frame sensor) Micro Four Thirds lens at f1.6 and costs around 550 USD + vat. Although this 12mm is still a speciality lens I have been using it quite a lot already.
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My favourite albums of 2011

These are my most listened to albums released in 2011.
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Sony CLM-V55 monitor review

Just got a new GH2 (review coming at some point) and along with it got the Sony CLM-V55 monitor for it! I've been dying to get a monitor for my cam for years and have been looking and looking for something affordable. This was 366 euros. The package contains a nice sun shade that doubles as a cover when not using it as well as two hot shoe mounts that tilts 90 degrees up and down as well as swivels left and right 360 degrees.
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Es and Haamuaudio mod a Memory Man with Hazarai

I've had the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai for couple of years now. I bought from Philadephia while on tour there with Kemialliset Ystävät. It's the best loop pedal I've had so far. I've tested quite a few and this one definately suits my style of playing.
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D|Focus V2 – A superb affordable follow focus

I bought the D|Focus along with the marking disc & reference pin already in January 2010 and have used it on every single one of my shoots since I got it. Mine is V2 but there is a newer V3 already out. So I'm sure it's only gotten better with the update.

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My awesome 2010!

I find it really difficult to do top 10 or any kind of year end lists. But I decided why not just list all the stuff that I've most enjoyed in 2010! Not just music but everything that's been going on. Read for yourself!

The Emigrants and The New Land

A friend of mine recommended these movies to me some time ago but as they are both 3 hours long I saved them up and just watched them during the holidays. Both directed by Jan Troell whom I had never heard of before. His done quite a few movies and documentaries that are all unkown to me so I'll have to check out a few to see how they hold up to these masterpieces.

Islaja: Pimeyttä kohti

This is the first video made to promote Islaja's new album Keraaminen Pää. Making this video was a special occasion and I felt really really excited cause I got an opportunity to shoot with a Red One camera.

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Hangrip accessories and DSLR kits

I was contacted by Hannu Kälkäjä of Hangrip a few months ago and he asked me to review some of their products on my web site.


Glidetrack SD review

FedEx dropped off the Glidetrack SD a few days ago. Took less than a week from the moment I made the order online to arrive to Finland from UK, fast service! I bought it specially for a music video I'm shooting end of April where I wanted to have very slow moving shots.

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