Stringcycle is an instrument with 40 strings attached to a turntable. The turntable spins and the guitar microphones pick up the sound from the vibrating strings as they pass them. The upper part where the strings make a u-turn back to the rounded wooden part where the rigging pins are. I first made calculations for 52 strings but decided 40 was enough.

I built the Stringcycle on an old swiss turntable called the Phonoboy. It’s very light although the actual table is made of iron. The diameter of the table is 11,90 cm so the gab for each string was calculated by counting the circle (53,40 cm) and dividing that with the amount of the strings.

I was first thinking about using guitar tuning heads but found out that it’s easier to use zither tuning-pins. Note the pick-ups that are lifted away from the body of the turntable to avoid hum from the machinery.

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