Ritual for the Rainbow (Photo series)

Ritual for the Rainbow (trl. Rituaali sateenkaarelle) is a new series of photographs by Sami Sänpäkkilä that evokes the magical realism of our modern times. The photographs are wrapped in a mystery I created, inspired by events that occurred in 2022. During the summer on my evening walks, I frequently passed by graffiti that read […]

Dreamers and Stargazers

As a child I was a dreamer and gave my own names to the stars in the sky. I named the belt of Orion as ALF after my favourite tv-series. As a teenager my main creative outlet was artsy photos of my feet, trash cans and rusted metal. I spent countless hours in the darkroom […]


Starwall is a site-specific installation with support of Espace Louis Vuitton Japan, Tokyo. A black wall is built in front of a window. Using the locations longitude, latitude and compass direction I determine what starry sky would be visible though that window at a certain time.

The Big Crunch

The Big Crunch is a video installation that communicates the presence of humans on earth and human intelligences take on the apocalypse. It is an examination on how humans react to the end of the world and how we read signs and symbols found in nature to try to demystify our existence.

Aurinkokellari – The Suncellar

The Suncellar is an installation and is projected on five separate screens that require three rooms. All screens require stereo sound. The extensive work Aurinkokellari (2006) features a prophetic sequence of events. In the film, an eccentric character in control of human life “removes” three people. The impression, akin to death, is frightening in its severity.

Kubistisia kukkia liikkeessä

Super 8 filmille kuvattu tanssi joka on editoitu kukkasiksi. Kädet aloittavat Mozartin tahdissa kunnes toiseen osaan liittyvät jalat ja vihdoin kolmanteen koko vartalo. Mustassa universumissa tanssiva tyttö rikkoo nykytanssin sääntöjä ja luo omansa. Koreografiat on luoto ensin ihmisen keholle ja editointivaiheessa filmille.

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