Glidetrack SD review

FedEx dropped off the Glidetrack SD a few days ago. Took less than a week from the moment I made the order online to arrive to Finland from UK, fast service! I bought it specially for a music video I’m shooting end of April where I wanted to have very slow moving shots.

The glidetrack SD has little rubber feet so it stays put easily. You can attach it to a tripod like in the pictures and for my Manfrotto tripod at least it’s no feat to keep it steady all the way from one edge to the other. There’s an ever so slight noise when you slide the camera so if you want it to be quieter and slightly smoother I was recommended to using a silicon lubricant spray.

I’m using an old tripod head that I’ve had lying around for years. It’s a little fiddly and I’m sure a better head would add a lot of ease to doing tilts and pans while gliding but it works so for the moment I’m not going to invest in a new one.

I’m quite amazed at how well the Glidetrack works. It’s really easy to get steady slow smooth glides. It’s easy to take along with you. The mood it brings to shots is vastly different from anything you can achieve with a tripod or other means. You can get those really fantastic slow moving shots that you see in movies that are just impossible without a dolly. It’s gives the shots almost an unearthly feel and it can help even mundane shots rise to new dimensions. But of course it can be overused easily. Think for example Aki Kaurismäki’s movie Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (The Match Factory Girl) where a dolly is used in only one shot. It truly makes it powerful.

-EDIT 6th January 2011-
What I learned in the past months using the Glidetrack is that if it rains or snows the Glidetrack can get stuck. You gotta keep it clean and wipe it properly if you’re shooting outdoors. So when you go outdoors make sure you keep it dry and that you have paper or some kitchen towels handy. I think I need to also try out the silicon lubricant spray that I’ve yet to try out!

You can find more info from It’s one of the most exciting accessories I’ve bought for a while and after trying it out the price tag doesn’t feel too much either.

All photos on this page by Gabriela González.

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