Es and Haamuaudio mod a Memory Man with Hazarai

I’ve had the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai for couple of years now. I bought it from Philadelphia while on tour with Kemialliset Ystävät. It’s the best loop pedal I’ve had so far. I’ve tested quite a few and this one definitely suits my style of working. One thing that I’ve come to hate about it though are the footswitches. They are extremely loud. It’s annoyed me up to the point that I started looking for a new loop pedal. I’m sure for a guitar hero playing his screaming licks and looping an infinite dragons breath until 6am, they’re fine. But for a peace and love child like myself who mostly likes to burn candles on stage and record and loop the match that lights them, they are way too loud.

So I got to thinking that it can’t be that hard to change the footswitches to something quieter. But I found no answers for a long time. I called Tomas Regan from Haamuaudio for a little help. He was aware of the problem and had also changed a footswitch from one his Electro-Harmonix pedals. So he knew what to do immediately. Apparently the footswitches E-H use for as bypass switches are really hard to change and there are not any truly silent alternatives. Closest Tomas had come finding a silent one was a Fujisoku 3PDT (3xon-on) footswitch. And it really is pretty quiet compared to the stock footswitch Electro-Harmonix use in their pedals.

I had a little extra wish as well! In addition to changing the bypass switch and the tap/record switch we also added an output ack for an external footswitch! It works wonders and I can now use either an external footswitch while still controlling the Memory Man on the table with my hands or I can use the footswitch on the pedal if I don’t need two hands to play while I’m looping.

A big thank you to Tomas from Haamuaudio for doing the actual work! Check out this little video I made!

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