The Light From Within the Mountain


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Haiharan taidekeskus opens the summer with an exhibition titled The Light From Within the Mountain (Vuoren sisältä loistaa valoa) by fine artists Tomas Regan and Sami Sänpäkkilä. The works are collaborative pieces combining video and drawing.

Kuvajaiset I-V  video, paper, ink | framed 50″ flat screen television | (Kuvajainen IV and V sold to private collection)
Lumoojat I-III  3-channel videoinstallation | 9:16 vertical | HD | 3:00 | edition of 3
Vuorijono  site-specific videoinstallation | projection, fabric, spray paint | HD | 1 min loop
Silmänkääntäjät  1-channel videoinstallation | HD | 1:15 | edition of 3 

The exhibition is built as a site specific installation where works lead from one work to another. There are framed drawings with moving images underneath that reveal themselves to patient viewers. A dancer punctures balloons with a samurai sword. A tongue is covered in sprinkles, a woman stands in the middle of coloured smoke.

The technique of drawing that is done on top of a moving video combines the still image and the moving image. It portrays humans as the artist, viewer, interpretator and the subject.

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