Emma Ainala – A Day in the Mouth episode 8

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The eight episode in A Day in the Mouth series is about Emma Ainala who is my favourite Finnish painter at the moment. I travelled to Savonlinna to film her painting at her studio and also visited her family. Her husband Lauri Ainala who makes music as himself and in Paavoharju has been a friend of mine for years now. Although I’ve known about Emma for quite some time (and she’s done artwork for Paavoharju as well) I’ve only met her in passing a few times. This is the first episode that I’ve done about a person that is not a close friend of mine. I think you can see some of that shine through the documentary. I don’t necessarily think for the bad though. :)

The intereviews were shot with Sony FS700 and the paintings from Helsinki Contemporary were shot with Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q+. I used Premiere Pro for editing. English subtitles were added with Vimeo subtitler (It’s a bit buggy but I managed).

Emma Ainala is represented by Helsinki Contemporary and I want to thank them for letting me crash their gallery and film Emma’s paintings. Thanks to Arsi Keva for assistance at HKI Contemporary and Eeva Tuomi for mental help with the piece! Huge thanks to Lauri, Kerttu, Leppä and Emma!

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