Uusi Mustamakkara

Chef santeri and Anna-Liisa Nikus have just published a cook book on how to prepare black sausage in several ways. I was hired to shoot a short web commercial for it. I was very excited to get to work with the legendary M.A. Numminen on this video. Chef Santeri aka. DJ Sane and Numminen have a project together combining beats and Numminen’s lyrics. For this commercial they rehashed an old legendary Numminen track Dägädägä.

The project was shot at Harri Hinkka’s photography studio. I wanted to get quite a clinical look for the video. Bright, flat and sharp. The video is lit with two 650W tungsten in front and one 350W tungsten behind the actors for backlight. Extremely simple.

The lights you see in the picture were borrowed from the studio and are dimmed down to minimum. It pretty much came out the way I wanted it to be so I was quite pleased. The music really makes the video though so it was quite easy to make it “good”. The whole shoot took about three hours, I edited it in about a day and a half and we ate about two kilos of sausage during the shoot. I hope to get more work like this in the future!

Check out Uusi Mustamakkara facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/uusimustamakkara

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