Pelle Romantika & Kuolema-Duo: Monstro

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Pelle Romantika & Kuolema-Duo’s vinyl Luontorunoja is an amazing album. It combines the doom like drones of Kuolema-Duo and spoken word poetry of Pelle Romantika. The making of the video took a similar interdisciplinary manner. We wanted to include modern dancers in the video and Diina Bukareva was asked to participate to do all the choreography’s.

The set-up was very simple. One location in an empty room with the band in the middle and the dancers around the band. We used the beautiful natural light from the large opaque windows as the main light. On the other side of the room we had a highly reflective silver fabric. This was hit with a 300W and 650w tungstens and moved at all times to create waves of flickering light on the people.

I shot with the Blackmagic Pocket 4K for the first time. I’m very excited about the new camera and an in depth review will follow shortly.

Set photos by Teemu Rosenqvist.

Director, cinematography, editing: Sami Sänpäkkilä
Choreography: Diina Bukareva
Grip & Gaffer: Teemu Rosenqvist
Assistant: Arsi Keva
Dancers: Tuulia Soininen, Emma Huhtala, Iris Niinistö, Taru Kallio, Alexandra Salin, Anniina Luojus, Suvi Pouttu, Aino-Maria Kangas, Minna Sihvonen, Sebastian Krühn.
Music: Pelle Romantika & Kuolema-Duo

Luontorunoja VINYL available from: Levykauppa Äx / Swamp Music / Fonal Records

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