Islaja: Sun luona taas

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This video is a homage to staying at home and reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie. It’s our third video together with Islaja. I still think the first one we did for the song Rohkaisulaulu is one of the best videos I’ve ever done. The second one was for the song Pimeyttä kohti which is a poetic tale of evolution of humans and the journey from birth to death. I’m not sure how well it comes through in the video, but that’s the idea.

Sun luona taas (trl. At yours again) was a very spontaneous video. I first had an idea that we worked on for hours but it just wasn’t working and I felt it didn’t have any personality. It was too mellow and soft. After we had lunch I decided we needed to change everything. I was happy with the video being mellow but not happy about the pussyfooting around up until that point (trl. kissan tassuttelua). We needed something simple and rough. Something that would show that staying at home reading a book is cool. Hopefully you also have someone to water you like a flower.
From the album Tarrantulla released by Svart Records (2017).

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