Cineframe by Sami Sänpäkkilä

Sami Sänpäkkilä and two Cineframe artworks. Photo by Jukka Salminen.

I’ve always had the desire to make artworks that you could hang on your wall. So far I’ve mostly made video art that can only be seen at gallery’s or screenings and they are very hard to sell to a private home. For the past few years I’ve also began purchasing artworks from my fellow artists and have enjoyed them much more than I imagined. This prompted me to finally start a project that I had had on my mind for a very long time. To build a cinematic photoframe. The project is finally finished and the Cineframes are available via my new webshop!

The Babel Tongue Cineframe. Photo by Jukka Salminen.

It took the whole 2019 to build what I now call the Cineframe. Sourcing the parts and designing the Cineframe was much harder then I thought. What you see in the pictures is the fourth version of the frame. I went through a dozen iterations of the led lights and almost as many options for the photographic paper.

The photograph is a chromogenic print exposed with lasers on a real photo paper and developed using traditional photographic techniques. It’s very high quality with a life expectancy of up to 100 years. The frame is done in Tampere, Finland at a local framing company Malkki. It is made of PEFC certified Finnish pine wood and has a UV-protected museum quality glass. The LED light that illuminates the photo is activated by a motion sensor located at the bottom of the frame. You simply wave your hand under the frame and it turns on. Kinda futuristic! The light can be adjusted to turn off automatically after fifteen seconds to five minutes.

#suomineito Cineframe. Photo by Jukka Salminen.

For now I’ve done six different Cineframes to sell in my shop. But if you have a favourite art video, music video or a film I’ve made you can request that I make a Cineframe version from that piece.

The Cineframes are built to order and each is a limited edition of 25 copies. You can now order them from my webshop!

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