Panasonic GH1 user experiences

Since I graduated from school in 2005 I haven't really been able to afford to shoot on film anymore. I made a big investment in 2008 and got a Sony EX1 and a Letus Extreme and a bunch of good Canon FD lenses. A year later I sold the EX1 and the Letus and got the Panasonic GH1. Here's a little write-up on my impressions after half a year of use.

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Astrid Swan & The Drunk Lovers: 2000 – 2010 (I’m Not Even 30)

From the album Better Then Wages (Johanna Kustannus, 2009) Director: Sami Sänpäkkilä Gaffer: Alpo Nummelin Crew: Gabriela González, Nick Triani Music: Astrid Swan & The Drunk Lovers Outdoor dancer: Arttu Hasu
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The Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light

For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, the new Shogun Kunitoki album Vinonaamakasio is available as a Picture vinyl LP featuring two animation loops that can be viewed using this magical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light. The effect is impossible to capture on video and can only be thoroughly enjoyed in real life. In addition to the kit you will need a 9V battery which is not included in the package.
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Risto: Putoan kaivossa

Directed and written by Sami Sänpäkkilä Music by Risto Actors: Risto Ylihärsilä, Tuomas Eriksson, Minna Kortepuro, Alina Toivanen Make up: Kati Kivijärvi From the album Sähköhäiriöön (FR-63 CD/LP/Download) /
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Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light Kit (soldering guide)

For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, the Shogun Kunitoki: Vinonaamakasio (FR-62LP) will be available as a picture vinyl LP featuring two animation loops that can be viewed using this magical Shogun Kunitoki strobe light (FR-62SL).
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Shogun Kunitoki: Riddarholmen

From the Shogun Kunitoki: Vinonaamakasio FR-62 CD/LP released in March 2009 / Directed and edited by Sami Sänpäkkilä
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Ignatz: The water

From the Kraak Records release Ignatz: III CD/LP (K056) Available from Directed and cinematography by Sami Sänpäkkilä Assistant: Julie Vanopdenbosh
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Eleanoora Rosenholm: Tammen varjossa

From Fonal Records release Älä kysy kuolleilta, he sanoivat CD/LP (FR-60) Release date 10.9.2008 Also coming soon Digital download only EP Tammen varjossa (FR-61D) With 26 minutes of music, one previously unreleased track and two live recordings.
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Lauran puutarhassa

Video by Sami Sänpäkkilä Music by Pekka Streng from the album Puutarhassa (Love Records)
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21st Century Portrait

21st Century Portrait is a triptych that consists of three portraits filmed at an extreme close-up with a high-definition videocamera. Each of the three portrait consists of well over 1500 still frames played back in less then a minute. Every millimeter of the body is displayed 25 frames per second.

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Risto: Kateelliselle ystävälle

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Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa

From the Lau Nau album Nukkuu. Directed by Sami Sänpäkkilä Shot in Turku, Finland. Sony EX1 with Letus Extreme and Canon FD lenses. /

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