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The Goodiepal Equation documentary

The Goodiepal Equation is a documentary that follows Goodiepal, a Danish musician, performance artist, lecturer and activist operating on the fringes of society. The film had it’s world premiere at the Helsinki International Film Festival September 22nd 2017.

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Eleanoora Rosenholm: Valo kaasumeren hämärässä

Eleanoora Rosenholm are releasing a new album and we did the first music video for it. For this shoot I was mainly inspired by posters and DVD covers. There’s things you just can’t do when shooting horizontally. Sometimes I even prefer to shoot 3:4 aspect ratio because of this and I think it worked well for the shots where you see Eleanoora looking down or up, waving her hands high in a prayer and reaching for the sky. Also the upward shooting airplanes are a particular favourite of mine.

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Ignatz: When The Fall Is All That Is Left

Music video for Ignatz from his 2011 album I Hate This City.

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Timo Kaukolampi – A Day in the Mouth Episode 3

Timo Kaukolampi is a musician and a producer living in Helsinki, Finland. His former bands include punk and garage oriented bands such as Amen, Dundelion and Larry and the Lefthanded. Now he is active with more electronic outfits Op:l Bastards and K-X-P.

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Disco Ensemble: Protector

For the second music video to be made off the new Disco Ensemble album the band asked once again a bunch of directors to submit scripts and ideas. I was pretty excited to hear that they liked my script enough to go ahead and shoot it. It was gonna be a big project that would require a lot of planning and preparation.

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Kraak Records – A Day in the Mouth Episode 1

KRAAK is a grass-roots organisation that offers presentation and development possibilities in left field music. A quality platform, a promotor for young artists who are working within uncommon genres as avant-rock, psych, experimental electronica, free-jazz, new folk, improdrones,… We organise small ‘lab-evenings’, bigger presentation moments and creation possibilities.

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Bääbs: You Don’t Know Tomorrow

Bääbs, alias Päivi Kankaro from Tv-resistori is participating in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest semifinals with You Don’t Know Tomorrow. Vote for Bääbs on January 8th, 2010!

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Pierced Arrows: Caroline (live)

Dead Moon is one of my favourite bands and I was happy to do a little live shoot to test out my new Panasonic GH1. Graded with Magic Bullet.

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Waffle kiddos Park Royale

Shot in Brussels with my new Panasonic GH1 Music by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers “Egyptian Reggae”

Shot with Panasonic GH1, Canon FD 24mm 1.4L with Vari ND.

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