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Best movies of the year 2018

My favourite movies from 2018. No explanations, just posters listed.

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Best movies of the year 2017

My favourite movies of 2017 presented with poster images.

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Best movies of the year 2016

Time for the best movies of the year list. It was especially hard to do as a few of the films I liked the best were actually released before 2016 but weren’t really available in Finland before. So I’m taking the liberty to include those as well.

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Best movies of the year 2015

My favourite films of 2015.

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My favourite films of all time

These are my favourite films of all time. The ones that have had the greatest impact on me as a person and influence as an artist. What’s on your list? Scroll down to the bottom to reveal the titles or try to guess the movies from the still images!



Best movies of the year 2014

My favourite films from 2014.

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My favourite albums of 2011

These are my most listened to albums released in 2011.


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