Hangrip accessories and DSLR kits

I was contacted by Hannu Kälkäjä of Hangrip a few months ago and he asked me to review some of their products on my web site.

Hangrip sells accessories and they also sell pre-built rigs. I got the V8 rig that can be used to hold your camera with two handles on the sides or on top of the camera for low ground sweeping shots. There’s loads of parts that you can basically set up anyway you like. Its very modular and things fit together in any which way you wish to attach them. It’s like legos :) For example you can attach the handles to any part of the rails as they have holes running along all it’s length and every second hole is threaded. It’s all standard 1/4″ threads that’s found for example in all cameras bottoms. So you can even attach a handle directly to your camera if need be! This is awesome in my opinion as way too often you just have millions of pieces that require adapters of all sorts.

The build quality seems good. For the job at hand at the time I needed a shoulder support rig so we actually came up with a different use for all the V8 parts. I built a small jib out of the frame and my old boom pole! You can see it hanging right at the end of the boom pole there. I was quite surpised how well the rails of the V8 frame held up, they look slim but even when fit with my heaviest lens setup it didn’t flex at all.

Below is a video from Hangrip Vimeo page that shows a little bit of the V8 in action. You can find more info from the Hangrip website.