Panasonic GH1 Timelapse Remote review

JJC TM-D Multi-Function Timer Remote Control

I got this from a chinese vendor over eBay. Here is the link: GH1 Timer/Remote It’s really quite cheap. About 35 euros with international shipping included.

What you can adjust:
DE – Delay. This one is like a self timer. You can set the camera to start taking pictures after 0 seconds to 99 hours.
BU – Bulb. This one adjust the lenght of your exposure. Useful for night photography. Set anywhere between 1s and 100 hours.
INT – Interval. The time between exposures. Set between 1s to 99 hours.
N – You can set a number of exposures from 1 to 399 shots. If you set it to “–” it will expose until you turn off the Timer manually.
You can also turn the speaker on and off.

So first you set all the parameters to your wishes and of course put your camera to desired settings as well. Then you just hit the Start button and off it goes.

When you are doing animations you can leave the speaker on. It will beeb three times just before an exposure. I imagine this is handy if you are doing a clay animation, drawing etc. so you know to get your hands out of the picture.

You can select your shutter speed from the camera or if you want to expose for a very long time you can use the timer and adjust it from the BU setting. to manage this you need to put the GH1 to Bulb mode. You find the Bulb setting on GH1 after the slowest possible shutter speed of 60 seconds (60″). With the Timer you can take pictures that can be exposed up to 100 hours. Can’t really think what I’d love to expose for 100 hours! :)

For some reason the start/stop button doesn’t always stop the exposures although thats how I understand the manual says it should do. But that is not a problem, just turn the device off and it stops.

One handy thing is the Timer also has a built in light. You can turn it on/off. Makes it easier to adjust the settings on those nightly timelapse adventures.

When you turn the device off all the parameters are reset. So you need to set all parameters everytime you turn it on again.

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