21st Century Portrait

21st Century Portrait is a triptych that consists of three portraits filmed at an extreme close-up with a high-definition videocamera. Each of the three portraits consists of well over 1500 still frames played back in less then a minute running in an endless loop. Every millimeter of the naked body is displayed.

21st Century Portrait
3 x 1 minute (loop)
stereo or 5.1 surround sound, 10 min loop
Shooting format: HD
Presentation format: Blu-Ray on 3 x 42″ Full HD televisions
Kiasma Collection

In exhibitions:
2008 21st Century Portrait, Linnake Gallery, Tampere, Finland
2009 4th Triennal Of Pirkanmaa, Tampere Art Museum, Finland
2010 Mänttä art festival, Mänttä, Finland
2015 Face to Face, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland – CURRENTLY HAPPENING!

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